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final wit show 2016-2017
16-17 season

It's that time of year again! Join us for our annual new school year kickoff and laugh until your cheeks hurt as the Westlake Improv Troupe (WIT) performs unscripted comedy for you.

wit captains ty bock + caroline ellenthal

wit show 1 sept 17



WIT 2017-2018

bye felicia

jk - we love you ❥

final wit show 2016-2017

yes anding ...

matt walsh quote



wit show 6 jan 2017

TEAL team
bottom feeders
for winning the never have on hand
golden spoon covered trophy
(well worth the wait)

the LILAC team
gracious even in defeat
or in detoes
(homage to Victoeia)
- get it? Captain Victoria -


teams are different each time,
anyone else thinking
it's the TEAL shirt?!


bottom feeders win

TEAL ... acting as if they've
just won a car

well, i tried

thanks to wit hosts

wit show jan 6 2017

special thanks to the moms!

mom tattoo


wit show flyer 1/16/17


wit show 8 sept 16

TEAL team
crispy cowboys
for winning the coveted
golden spoon covered trophy
(ah, the spoils of battle)

the LILAC team
canned goods
will get thine awesome
trophy come January

- don't get too used to having it -

wit cast with trophy

well, i tried

This is our traditional event to kick off the school year! Come witness the hilarity of the Westlake Improv Troupe (WIT) as they perform unscripted comedy for you.

wit captains

wit show 8 sept 16
zip zap zop
wit playas + sabeen


yes and

wit director

wit list 2016-2017

wit 2015-2016
WIT 2015-2016

wit show 26 april 16


Congratulations Red team -
Spice Girls

Blue team - Apple Pi-YAH!
essentially tied,
it's a rigged system


winning captain, elyse,
with prized trophy
(sabeen safe, 1st time)

wit show

advanced theatre showcase & wit show


With improv, it's a combination
of listening and not trying to be funny.

— Kristen Wiig

up  next



improv your way through life

traits of a good improv-er

advanced theatre showcase & wit show

WIT show . 15 Jan 16


Tina Fey has said, “To me YES, AND
means don’t be afraid to contribute.
It’s your responsibility to contribute.
Always make sure you’re adding
something to the discussion.
Your initiations are worthwhile.”

I think it could be even simpler.
The REAL first rule of improv is
“Be Courageous” Not “Don’t Be Afraid”

click to see it bigger
bossypants improv



jan 15, 2016 theatre showcase & wit show

blue team -
Shia LaBeouf
aka Team Nugget

Red team - Bob Saget was
thisclose to getting you.

sabine lift

proving once again that
the lil' nugget is not safe from
being hoisted after a win!

thanks amara & grayson

jan 15, 2016 theatre showcase & wit show
wise words . stephen colbert

When he was still a college student, comedian Stephen Colbert began working with an improvisational theater in Chicago. “That really opened me up in ways I hadn’t expected,” he tells Bain. “You must be O.K. with bombing. You have to love it.” Colbert adds, “Improvisation is a great educator when it comes to failing. There’s no way you are going to get it right every time.”

wit show . 4 sept 15

Improv as an actor makes you present
in the moment. You listen, you're attentive.
You're not acting so much as reacting,
which is what you're doing in life all the time.

— Nathan Fillion


We cannot direct the wind,
but we can adjust the sails.

— Dolly Parton

big thanks to our hosts: charles bradbury & grayson rosato

wit show


{our trophy is thing of beauty.
who wouldn't want this?!}

Congratulations blue team -
The Hasty Word Vomiters

Red team - John Cena still
believes that they are the best

john cena

New Yorker cartoon

15-16 teams
hosted by: charles bradbury & grayson rosato
right pointer hand
wit show

wit calendar

every friday 4:15 - 5 pm


jonathan winter the king!

wit director

wit captains 15-16

wit list 15-16

wit show


{the actual spoon covered
trophy is a sight to behold}

Congratulations to
The Beanbournes

Team Squad will
get you next time.

wit teams

thanks for the great year!

wit win

the maiden hoisting
of sabeen

sorry you were confused

wit performers

wit captains
wit list

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