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sdoap grand central

gc 2
gc 3

sdoap the experiment

exp 1
exp 2
exp 3

sdoap tom jones
tom 1

tom 3
tom 4

sdoap imperfect proposal

prop 1
prop 2
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sdoap night owls

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sdoap law & order: fairy tale unit

loftu 1
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loftu 5
loftu 6

thanks paul meyer!
sdoap pics
sdoap pics
sdoap pics

advanced showcase 26 apr 16

(BIGGEST thanks to Ann Hegarty. All the pictures I took of the fabulous showcase disappeared from my phone.
I tried every way to recover possible. Was heartsick. Ann had two photos. I'm grateful.)

adv showcase pics

wit show 26 apr 16

wit show


UIL . Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead

uil competition

uil art

thanks anna salas!

uil pics


Video as part of our submission to AHSTF . Westake High School


Plays at Barton Creek & Forest Trail Elementarys
school plays performed at elementary schools

theatre showcase. 1st ever for whs!

wit show . 15 jan 16

thank you mr. strange!

Check out the Alice in Wonderland single camera video: http://tinyurl.com/WHSAlice
It's set to "unlisted" so you'll only be able to find it via this link.

Click Mr. Strange to thank him for our 2nd show video!

tea party cast party - thanks stacey!
alice in wonderland party pics
alice in wonderland pics

twelfth night cast party pics - thanks linda!

twelfth night party pics
twefth night party pics

thanks to jeff strange

Check out the Twelfth Night single camera video: https://youtu.be/HnmY6i4EXFo
It's set to "unlisted" so you'll only be able to find it via this link.

Click Mr. Strange to thank him for our first ever show video!
(also shout out to Shakepeare for being royalty free)

twelfth night pics
twelfth night A
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twelfth night S
twelfth night T
twelfth night U
twelfth night U
twelfth night W
twelfth night X
twelfth night Y
racic fernandez . whs yearbook photographer . thanks!
racic pics

WIT improv show . 4 september 15

WIT show pics

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